Pope Francis,






I address this letter to you today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that you will consider our challenge and prove from the Bible and the Bible only that Sunday, the first day of the week, is God’s Sabbath that people worldwide should observe that day. I have found in the Scriptures that the Sabbath that God gave to Adam and Eve in Eden, the seventh-day of the week which is commonly called Saturday, was the same Sabbath God gave to Moses. That seventh-day Sabbath is the fourth commandment of the Ten Commandments and was placed in the earthly sanctuary as a copy of the great original in Heaven. Therefore, the Sabbath that Adam and Eve observed and the Sabbath that Moses observed is the only Sabbath that God recognizes. Pope Francis can you prove from the Bible anything otherwise?


I hope that you will consider our challenge and prove from the Bible that Sunday is God’s Sabbath that people worldwide should keep. The following is one of my findings as I have been studying. I have found that the law given in the Garden and Eden and later to Moses written on two tables of stone to be placed in the ark of the covenant in the earthly sanctuary, was a copy of the great original in heaven and is still binding. In the bosom of the Ten Commandments is the fourth commandment, the seventh day Sabbath. Therefore, the Sabbath kept in Eden and by Moses along with the children of Israel is the Sabbath of Heaven. Can you prove from the Bible and the Bible only anything otherwise?


I believe with all my heart that we are accountable to God in sharing the unadulterated truth to address one of the largest spiritual problems, that is ministers and professors teaching for doctrine the commandments of men. From Genesis to Revelation, we find no evidence that the seventh-day Sabbath has been abolished or changed to the first day of the week which is Sunday. Pope Francis, maybe you can share with us whether you have found this in the Bible.


Why is this so important to me, to know from scripture the true Sabbath. Firstly, I have read Rev. 14:6 and 7 that mention the Everlasting Gospel and that I should worship God because He is the Creator.  The seventh-day Sabbath is a memorial of creation; so Pope Francis, should not we be honoring the seventh day of the week and not Sunday the first day? Secondly, I have heard ministers and church leaders say that Sunday is the Sabbath because Jesus rose on the first day of the week. I have yet to find even one scripture that says Sunday should now be kept as the Sabbath because of Christ’s resurrection. Pope Francis, could you help me out and show me what you have found justifying the keeping of Sunday for that reason? Thirdly, I have discovered in the Bible that the seventh-day Sabbath is a seal and a sign between God and His people. I want to be recognized as one of God’s people.  The observance of Sunday and not the seventh-day Sabbath would disqualify me from being one of God’s people. And lastly, Jesus kept the seventh-day Sabbath on earth, likewise, the apostles kept the seventh-day Sabbath and the Gentile-converts kept the seventh-day Sabbath throughout the book of Acts. Additionally, the seventh-day Sabbath will be kept in the earth made new. Since Christ is my example, I want to follow Him in all areas including the keeping of the Sabbath here so that I can be in the earth made new with Him.  


Pope Francis, please help me understand, why in the Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine it is stated that the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath, but yet asserts that the Roman Catholic Church has been invested with the authority to transfer the solemnity of the Seventh-day Sabbath to Sunday.


I have deep concerns because as I study the Bible, particularly Daniel and Revelation, I read of a  system, denoted as a beast, that has changed God’s Sabbath, and its image has perpetuated that change and will compel men to receive the Mark of the Beast. It seems as though Roman Catholicism fits the description of this beast system. Pope Francis can you show me otherwise from the Scriptures?


Mr. Francis, you must answer now! Because if the true Sabbath, the Seventh-day Sabbath had been universally kept, there would never have been an idolater, atheist or infidel or such moral degradation that is prevalent today. If I am wrong and find from the scriptures that the seventh day is no longer the Sabbath and that the first day of the week, Sunday, is now the Sabbath, I am willing publicly to confess my error. If you, Pope Francis, are unable to support from the Bible the keeping of Sunday as the Sabbath, would you be willing to publicly confess and renounce your errors and use your influence to direct people to the true Sabbath? It is time to come clean and be truthful!


Pope Francis, we ask for you to respond promptly and accept our Million Dollar Sabbath Challenge!  If you accept our challenge, we would be willing to share with you and others our findings that the seventh-day is still the Sabbath and Jesus is coming soon. In the mean time, I direct your focus to our website  We are contending for the faith once delivered to the saints!




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